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Marcello-art: The Manual of the Perfect Naturalist Draftsman Despite Himself! Collector Edition
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The Manual of the Perfect Naturalist Designer In Spite of Him!
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The "COLLECTOR Edition" manual is a book from a first edition identical to the original book, whose 24-page notebook contains slight differences from the second edition, giving it an additional cachet for collectors. The second edition being almost exhausted, they will be offered for sale at a lower cost. If you liked my manual, this is a great opportunity to acquire another book to share with someone you know who loves naturalistic drawing and atypical books.
It was on a seemingly stupid idea from my friend Pierre that this objectively insane project was born. Originally it was to be only a compilation of the dedications made for the book «CARNETS DE NATURE LUDIQUES & POETIQUES» in collaboration with my friend Stéphane Hette, edited by Plume de carotte. And then it went wrong.
It must be said that having never really published a book of my naturalistic drawings to this day, I thought that it would be the occasion or never to publish, not a redundant sequence of pages of dedications, but to associate other sketches.
When I looked in my cardboard boxes, my sketchbooks and other dusty hard disks, I found a considerable amount of drawings that for some date back to my earliest childhood when I was inspired by images of animals published in the central notebook of the “newspaper Télé 7 jours” or in the encyclopedia “Découvrir les animaux”.

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