An advertising graphic designer by training, it was following a trip to the Central African Republic in 2009 where he discovered the spirit of great safaris, that he decided to turn definitively towards a career as a naturalist artist.

Whether for fly fishing, photography or drawing, each of his passions was a pretext to discover the world. So many journeys that bring him closer to the spirit of the great naturalist artists of the past and finally offer him the opportunity to meet the animals he has so often drawn since his childhood. Among the most striking, the gorillas of the Mondika plains in the Republic of Congo, the ornithological fauna of Parana in Argentina, the majestic giraffes south of Lake Natron in Tanzanie, the hippos of the Faro river in northern Cameroon and most recently the large fauna. from the Masai mara in Kenya.

Nourished by the ambiences of cabinets of curiosities and the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, his style asserts itself through his studies, which appear like the pages of a gigantic travel diary. His gaze invites us to explore and question our relationship with the wilderness.

But beyond his talent as a designer, which is only a vehicle for raising public awareness, it is his involvement for animal causes that drives him above all. It supports several animal protection associations which work respectively to protect pangolins, lemurs, cheetahs and elephants.